About our work: a few words…

Rebecca Dickason

Our purpose

Research blog focusing on emotions and on physicians’ and care staff’s labor: taking care of those who take care of others

About this research blog

This research blog aims to support multidisciplinary research (involving humanities, social sciences, nursing, medicine and public health) on the health of healthcare professionals.

Taking the case of heart care providers (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiology anaesthesiologists, but also nurses, nursing assistants, etc.) as a starting point, the work carried out is intended to progressively include other medical specialties and medical-social structures.

The first part of the project aims to reveal the experiences of healthcare professionals, to lift the veil of silence surrounding their suffering and the deterioration of their health, particularly when confronted with emotionally difficult situations (facing vulnerabilities, end of life, death of patients, primary and secondary traumas) as well as the emotional toll of daily work.

A second part, with an operational, even transformational, aim is to identify, collect and collate a set of resources for healthcare professionals to help them cope with daily work that is emotionally difficult to bear.

This research blog will therefore encompass our activities (seminars-workshops-colloquiums-conferences, publications, creation of archives/corpus/databases, provision of resources…)

Objectives of this research blog

  • Collection, exploitation and analyses of testimonies
  • Dissemination of resources to the populations studied and to the general public
  • Research work promotion


  • Researchers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Civil society
  • General public

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Rebecca Dickason (2022, 9 novembre). About our work: a few words… Préserver la santé des professionnels de santé. Consulté le 13 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/o86f

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